Disc Golf Association
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Pro Line Tsunami
The Tsunami is an extreme high-speed ultra overstable long range disc designed for the big guns or anyone with the need for speed. This devastating extra long range disc is exceptionally predictable and blows through the competition

Pro Line Riptide
The Riptide is an extra long range driver created from an exceptional custom mold. The Riptide is a swift, strong low profile driver that will deliver maximum distance and predictable fade.

Pro Line Squall
The Squall is one of the preeminent mid to long range drivers in Disc Golf. This potent midrange has a "driver-like" design and feel. The squall is groundbreaking with its speed and incredible control.

Pro Line Titanic
The new Titanic combined with our super grip, super durable blend of plastics will sink even the most technical putts. This is a fantastic Putt and Approach disc that is slightly overstable and very reliable.

Pro Line Reef
The new Reef is an outstanding putter and stiff enough for short-range drives and approaches. The Reef has its roots in the APX mold which makes it consistent and slightly under stable.

Signature Golf Disc

Powerdrive Gumbputt
The Return of the POWERDRIVE. It Drives with pinpoint accuracy. PDGA & RDGA Approved. Flip Flat Flies Straight.

Blunt Driver
A Really Long Range Putter. The ubiquitous Disc with ergomatic quick release grip. The best teaching disc for new players.
PDGA & RDGA Approved.
Flip Flat Flies Straight.