RanchZilla, Colorado

Clean Stables for Boarding

Current Resident Cow hand, (DiscZilla)

Hans, Colorado State Dressage Champion
Sire to our entire stock

The Last Hans baby born, Lars

Our Winter Home

Our Summer Home

6175 East Blaney, Peyton Colorado 80831
A Clear View of Pikes Peak

Entrance to DiscZilla Sports, (December)

Welcome to Sky Country

An Average Sunset

Sunset over Pikes Peak

Sunrise with Coffee & Donuts

During the Summer we ride our Motor Cycles up to Bishops Castle.
One Man building a castle a piece at a time. Each time we visit there is another
tower or something added to the main hall. It shows what 1 man can accomplish when he sets his mind to it.

This is where DiscZilla Lives, (I Wish)
Dragon has gas attached to head, Breathes Fire late at night

All welding done on site by Jim Bishop

Home made scaffles work just fine

Click Here for more on Bishops Castle