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4 pt Z XL
The XL™ is one of the farthest flying disc ever made. This disc holds an almost perfect line on big throws yet manages to be a very easy disc for beginners to control. Former world distance record holder of 693 feet.

Stability Rating:
1.5-Z / 1-X / 0-D
Available Weights
165-174 grams

4 pt Z Xpress
The Xpress™ is an extra long, turnover/roller driver that is an excellent choice for that hard to execute long slow right turn or super long hyzer release straight shot.

Stability Rating:
0-Z /-1-X
Available Weights
168-174 grams

4 pt Z XS
The XS™ is our farthest flying disc ever. 2001 world distance record holder at 712 feet. Easy to throw.

Stability Rating:
1.5-Z / 1-X
Available Weights
163-172 grams

4 pt Z Xtra
The Xtra™ is a tamed down version of the Xtreme™ that is also over-stable but is fast and much easier to throw. Excellent stability and control.

Stability Rating:
2.5-Z / 2.5-X / 2-D
Available Weights
172 grams

4 Pt Z X2
The X2™ is one of our most dependable drivers. This disc is overstable and gets good distance. The X2™ is consistency at its best.

Stability Rating:
2-Z / 2-X
Available weights
Only 169 grams left