Throw it here Alan, I'll make sure it goes in this time

Disc Golf Dogs

This is a site dedicated to our best friends in the park or
patiently waiting at home.

If you have a picture of your dog/dogs, send them to us
Please include a description and info about their personality.
(mean, nice, tricks, etc.)
NOTE: Please curb your dogs on the side of the fairways
when possible.
(some of us throw rollers)

Latest Addition
This is Rhosheen, a disc golf dog.
She has been playing for 6yrs. She is Black Lab/Rot. mix.
She finds all of my discs. I have not lost a disc in years.
Her other favorite pastime is playing "Rock". It involves a rock
and someone to kick or throw it. She will push it back with her nose.
The golden retriever is Sunny. They both reside in Maple Valley Wa.
Their favorite home course is Lake Fenwick

A well-trained dog will make no attempt to
share your lunch. He will just make you
feel so guilty that you cannot enjoy it.

A Family of Ridgebacks on Hole #2

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